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The State of Illinois does not take DUI arrests lightly. Even if you have never been arrested for driving under the influence before, you can still face serious consequences for a DUI conviction including an immediate loss of driving privileges, fines and possible jail time. If you have been previously charged or convicted of a DUI, the penalties are far greater even. It is essential to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney to represent you. At the Law Offices of Eugene Fimbianti, P.C., we are experienced in handling all types of DUI cases. We offer our clients tough legal advocacy in service of their best interests both immediate and long term.


When you are arrested for a DUI, it can feel like all is lost. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is possible to successfully defend against DUI charges. Just as we do with every case, our firm thoroughly investigates the circumstances of the charge. We examine whether or not there was probably cause for the officer to stop you, if the field sobriety tests were performed properly, if the equipment used to determine your blood alcohol level was properly maintained and functioning and many other avenues of defense.

A former police officer and prosecutor, Attorney Eugene “Gino” Fimbianti knows how DUI cases are handled by the police and State’s Attorneys. He has the skill and experience to immediately identify weaknesses in the case against you and exploit those weaknesses to your benefit. A DUI conviction is too damaging to accept without a fight. We will make sure your rights are protected throughout the legal process and aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for your case. We also assist clients’ with the driver’s license reinstatement process.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, contact us to schedule a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation. We will answer your questions and give you an honest and accurate assessment of what you can expect from the legal system. We represent clients in matters in Will County, Cook County, and Kankakee County jurisdictions.