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As the internet continues making waves and connecting people, one of the most serious concerns about this access is the exposure that many people now have to various types of fraud and crimes online.  From e-commerce to dating sites and direct messages on social media sites, there are so many avenues for internet crime.  If you or someone you know has committed an internet crime, it is important to contact an attorney for the best defense possible.


Because the internet is so vast of a tool, it may be difficult to know the difference between conduct that may be troublesome and conduct that is actually criminal. In this article, we will discuss various types of criminal conduct that often occurs online.


Many of us are familiar with phishing; you receive an e-mail from someone you know (or from an e-mail address that purports to be someone you know) with an odd message that does not quite add up.  The words may not make sense and the sentences seem to be ill crafted.  In such a case, you are usually being phished.


Few people will admit to being blackmailed or threatened with the exposure of embarrassing information.  However, using the internet to threaten someone with the intention of extorting money or anything of value from them is a crime.


When someone accesses stored communications without proper authorization, they are hacking the information system in question.


With the rise in online shopping, it is a serious problem for people to pay for things online that they do not receive.  When someone has a scheme to defraud online shoppers, accepting their money under false pretenses and promises and using the internet for that purpose, they are guilty of this crime.


It may be hard to believe, but even internet harassment is a crime.  Indeed, using the internet anonymously to annoy, abuse, or threaten someone is a crime in Illinois punishable by up to two years in jail.


While some sites like and have created new access points for various types of prostitution, the act of using the internet to advertise or persuade or entice someone to travel in interstate commerce to engage in prostitution is a crime.


While the internet is a great avenue to advertise for side jobs, using it to violate any federal drug trafficking law is a crime and can come with hefty punishments.

Aside from the few we have discussed here, there are so many ways that people use the internet to break the law.  While we do our best to inform people of what the crimes are before they happen, it is important that, in the event you are prosecuted for an internet crime you contact a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to craft a strong defense.  If you need a criminal defense lawyer to defend you against charges for any internet crime, you should call The Law Offices of Eugene Fimbianti, P.C.  Mr. Fimbianti’s background and experience give him the well rounded knowledge you want your legal advocate to have.