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White collar crimes are often crimes of a nonviolent nature involving dishonesty and cheating. Often times, it is businessmen who commit white collar crimes under the cover of legitimate businesses. Most times, these crimes have a lesser penalty because they are nonviolent, however, large fines are often involved, as well as jail-time.

Lucy May1One form of a white collar crime is bribery. Both federal and Illinois state laws prohibit bribery. The purpose of these laws is to prevent public officials and public officers from treating people differently based on a bribe. This may occur as a government official accepting a bribe, then performing a particular act such as voting a certain way on a particular issue to the likes of the briber.

Another form is computer crimes. Computer crimes may include:

  • Intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization, and obtaining confidential national security information – essentially hacking into a government computer
  • Intentionally accessing a computer without authorization and obtaining financial information from a financial institution or of a credit card user
  • Intentionally accessing a computer of a federal department of agency without authorization that is used exclusively by that department or agency
  • Knowingly accessing a federal interest computer without authorization to gain anything of value
  • Intentionally accessing a federal computer without authorization and alter, damage, or destroy information that may cause a loss of at least $1,000 or of any amount if medical information is involved
  • Intentionally transferring any password or similar information through a non-authorized access to a computer that affects interstate or foreign business or for any other government purpose

Any form of tampering on a computer is also recognized in Illinois state law, including: accessing a computer, program, or data and obtains data or destroys the computer program, computer or data, or if the person inserts a program into the computer to intentionally destroy that computer.

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